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And how to get the most from the inspection process. 


The Inspection Time

Legacy has pioneered the use of 2 state-licensed inspectors on each inspection. During your inspection, our inspectors will move through the home in a methodical manner collecting tons of pictures and useful info.

In order to maintain focus, photograph the property, and begin entering data into your report, clients are encouraged to not distract from this portion of the inspection. A report is only as good as the pictures it contains. For example, "location reference" pictures are critical to producing a clear & concise report that anyone (including the seller and their contractor) can understand. 


The On-Site Review (aka, "wrap-up")

Almost all Realtors have seen / used a vague home inspection report before. They sound like they were written by a robot, contain only a few pictures, and give the client little to no recommendations on how to move forward. For this reason, most Realtors have come to encourage their clients to attend the end of their inspection.

While clients should feel welcome to walk the property during our inspections, it's critical to understand that any on-site review / wrap-up is preliminary and should never become the main focus of the inspection time.

In fact, the more focused we can be as inspectors, the more pertinent info we can collect. Therefore, we attempt to limit our on-site reviews to 20-30 minutes. It's imperative that clients understand this is not a comprehensive review of everything we've found. Such a review would take hours without the example pictures we provide in the report.

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The Best Time to Review

After performing thousands of inspections, we feel that producing the most detailed inspection report is critical to answering the majority of questions most buyers, sellers, and contractors will have. This is not the case with many other companies.

As you can imagine, it's practically impossible to summarize a home's condition in less than an hourTherefore, we encourage clients to skim the finished report (delivered by the next morning) and call us with any questions. All critical repairs are conveniently highlighted in the very front of our reports called the "Summary Report". All repair recommendations include pictures of the location and condition. 

We are more than happy to take calls in the evening to answer any and all questions and elaborate further as much as needed anytime clients would like a more in-depth Q&A.

The evening is the best time to review because the inspector is not rushed to meet other obligations and perform inspections along their daily route.   

Our reports average 50 to 100 pages and include example pictures of each repair recommendation. There's no right or wrong way to review and there are no dumb questions. When it comes to home inspections, we firmly believe this approach is the best use of our limited time on-site. 

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