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The Inspection Time

Legacy has pioneered the use of 2 state-licensed inspectors on each inspection. During your inspection time, our inspectors will move through the home in a methodical manner collecting tons of pictures and begin preparing your inspection report.

In order to maintain focus and photograph the property in a timely manner, clients are encouraged to not distract from this portion of the inspection. An inspection report is only as good as the pictures and descriptions it contains. For example, "location reference" pictures are critical to producing a clear & concise report that everyone (especially the seller and their contractors) can understand easily. 


Post-Inspection Review (wrap-up)

Realtors see poorly written inspection reports all the time whether it's from a newer inspector with less experience or from an inspector who is simply not as thorough and competes to be the lowest priced inspector. Regardless, such reports sound like they were written by a robot, contain very few pictures, and give the reader little to no recommendations on how to move forward.

For this reason, many Realtors will encourage their clients to attend the last 20- or 30-minutes of their inspection to walk the home again and discuss any major findings with their inspector.

Meeting with your inspector is entirely optional but should not be confused with a technically exhaustive review of all items as the report has not been finalized. 

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After your purchase

You do not need to be present at your inspection. 

We spend a great deal of time identifying the location of each repair recommendation in your inspection report to ensure all involved (especially your contractor) can easily locate and assess each item.

We are available most evenings and weekends to answer any additional questions and elaborate more if needed. While we can't recommend local contractors (due to the conflict of interest), we still encourage all clients to keep in touch with any home-related questions. We're always in the area and happy to stop by and point you in the right direction and avoid potential service fees from contractors. 

No questions are too small. Scan the QR code below to store us in your phone! 

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Please call or text us anytime at (928) 853-6442 to confirm that we can accommodate 
your inspection size & location. 

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