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Legacy Inspection Group

The Inspection Time

Legacy has pioneered the use of 2 state-licensed inspectors on each inspection. During your inspection time, our inspectors will move through the home in a methodical manner taking pictures and begin preparing your inspection report.

In order to maintain focus and photograph the entire property in a timely manner, we kindly ask that clients do not to interrupt this portion of the inspection. An inspection report is only as good as it's pictures and descriptions. Furthermore, a distracted inspector missing important items is worse than having no inspection at all.

For example, "location reference" pictures are absolutely critical to producing a clear & concise report that everyone (especially the seller and their contractors) can understand easily. Therefore, people on-site during the inspection process will inevitably be caught in pictures and included in the inspection report. 

Legacy Inspection Group

The Inspection Review (aka "wrap up")

Realtors see poorly written inspection reports all the time whether it's from a newly-licensed inspector with little experience or from an inspector simply competes for the lowest price. Regardless, such reports sound like they were written by a robot, contain very few pictures, and give the home buyer little to no recommendations on how to move forward.

For this reason, many Realtors will encourage their clients to meet the inspectors for 20 or 30 minutes at the end of their inspection to discuss any major findings.

Meeting with your inspector is entirely optional. This meeting is not intended to be a technically exhaustive review / discussing all items that will be in the report. As you can imagine, it would be impossible to describe the condition of a home in 20 to 30 minutes.

Legacy Inspection Group

After your inspection

As a former contractor and certified building analyst, we encourage all clients to call or text us any time with any questions or concerns. While we would never claim to know everything, we're more than happy to stop by and/or find a YouTube video that can point you in the right direction with any home-related questions or concerns. 

AZ state law prohibits inspectors from recommending contractors. As you could imagine, contractors would be more than happy to pay for all the referrals which creates a huge conflict of interest.  

Inspecting homes and helping people understand them is our passion. There are no dumb questions and no such thing as too many questions.


Legacy Inspection Group
Legacy Inspection Group
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Legacy Inspection Group

Please call or text us day or night at (928) 853-6442 to confirm that we can accommodate 
your inspection size & location.

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