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Home Inspection Fees
Legacy Inspection Group
Pricing is based on livable square footage*

       Up to 1,000sqft = $450

   1,001 to 1,500sqft = $475

 1,500 to 2,000sqft = $500

2,000 to 2,500sqft = $525

2,500 to 3,000sqft = $550

3,000 to 3,500sqft = $600

3,500 to 4,000sqft = $650

4,000 to 4,500sqft = $700

4,500 to 5,000sqft = $800

5,000 to 5,500sqft = $900

5,500 to 6,000sqft = $1000

6,000 to 6,500sqft = $1100

6,500 to 7,000sqft = $1200

7,000 to 7,500sqft = $1300

7,500 to 8,000sqft = $1400

8,000 to 8,500sqft = $1500

8,500 to 9,000sqft = $1600

9,000 to 9,500sqft = $ 1700

*Add $50 for each guest quarters, casita, or apartment unit (maximum of 4 total units).
Travel charges apply to properties over 100 miles from our office
  • All inspection fees include the use of thermal imaging, sales taxes, and travel

  • Some small condo inspections are discounted (based on inaccessible areas)

Mold Inspections

IAC2 Mold & Radon_edited.png

Hidden mold growth is one of the most common concerns home buyers have. Unlike structural problems which are often obvious, mold infestations are often concealed making them nearly impossible to discover or quantify visually.

Hidden mold growth and mold infestations can be quickly identified by taking samples of indoor air and comparing it to samples of outdoor air taken at the same date and time. A quick laboratory analysis of the samples can alert you to poor indoor air quality and the need for renovation. Note: Our inspection does not include a mold restoration plan if a mold condition is identified. Such a plan should be determined by a mold restoration contractor (when applicable).   

Mold Inspections include:

  • Full inspection of the home for moisture intrusion and conditions conducive to mold growth.

  • 2 outdoor air samples (as required for baseline comparison)

  • 1 indoor air sample per 1,000 square foot of livable space

  • 1 tape or swab sample per 1,000 square feet taken at any visible areas of mold growth, moisture stains, or conditions conducive to mold growth (e.g., moisture damaged drywall). 

Pricing is based on livable square footage*

 Up to 1,000sqft = $300          Up to 6,000sqft = $775

Up to 2,000sqft = $375          Up to 7,000sqft = $875

   Up to 3,000sqft = $475          Up to 8,000sqft = $975

  Up to 4,000sqft = $575           Up to 9,000sqft = $1,100

    Up to 5,000sqft = $675         Up to 10,000sqft = $1,200

*$100 each additional living quarters (attached or detached)

Example: Up to 3 tape or swab samples are included in the price of a 3,000 square foot home. Tape or swab samples are taken from areas of concern (e.g., visible / apparent mold growth, moisture damage, moisture stains, or conditions conducive to mold growth) to determine the presence of, and type of mold growth. No tape or swab samples are necessary if no areas of visible concern are identified.

Note: To keep the base price of such testing affordable for most clients, we have limited the number of tape / swab samples that are automatically sent to the laboratory for testing based on the size of the home. Per IAQ2 Standards, we will take samples at all areas of concern and send only those specimens s elected by the client. Any additional lab fees for air, tape, or swab samples will be billed at a flat rate of $100 per additional sample sent to the laboratory.

Radon Measurements - $150

Legacy Inspection Group

The EPA recommends ALL homes be tested during the sale or transfer of a property. The decision whether to have a home tested should NEVER be based on the type of foundation or location of the home. In fact, some of our highest measurements were found on a manufactured home with vents spaced every 10 feet around the raised foundation.

Northern AZ has many different layers of sedimentary rock that have become tilted due to volcanic activity. Therefore, the amount of Radon gas that seeps through these layers is never consistent or predictable throughout a given subdivision or side of town.

We have measured elevated Radon concentrations (above 4.0 pCi/L) in every subdivision in the greater Flagstaff area. Radon levels fluctuate seasonally and annually. Therefore, it is important to monitor indoor Radon levels even after a home tests below the recommended limit.   

As inspectors, we cannot work on homes we inspect due to the conflict of interest. Therefore, we provide only Radon measurements and unbiased results. 

The video below addresses most questions and common myths about Radon

Thermal Imaging - (Included on ALL inspections)

Legacy Inspection Group

We employ the use of thermal imaging on ALL inspections at no additional cost to our clients. Moisture and many other defects can be concealed and otherwise undetectable without thermal imaging until significant damage occurs. 

 The picture (left) is an dangerously overheated wire at a light switch that was otherwise undetectable visually. We were able to shut down the circuit and report the fire hazard to the seller immediately until the emergency condition was able to corrected.

As inspectors, we use this technology to help identify otherwise hidden defects. We do not use thermal imaging to perform an energy audit which is a completely different inspection altogether.

Moisture from active roof and plumbing leaks are also detcetable with thermal imaging long before extensive damage can occur. Detecting these leaks early can make the difference between calling a plumber or roofer, and calling a restoration company to treat concealed mold growth which such conditions often leave behind. 

Community Development & Industrial Inspections


The Legacy Inspection Group is one of few AZ companies that also performs and manages large scale community developments and industrial projects. Whether for due diligence purposes, third-party verification, or specific assessment goals, The Legacy Group has the ability to scale up our team to meet and exceed even the most detailed inspection needs of our clients.

Past notable projects include:

- 150+ New Home, Master Planned Community development

- City block zoning and multi-business purchase inspection

- Large scale resorts inspected for contractor litigation

- Airport Facilities & WWll-era wood Aircraft Hangar Inspections 

- Hotel & Restaurant Inspections  - Pool & Spa facilities

- Amusement Parks    - Industrial Buildings and Complexes

- Lees Ferry Anglers Lodge containing 38 Acres of Hotels, Gas Station, Restaurants, and Remote fishing guide quarters  

No matter what size or type of commercial / industrial property, The Legacy Inspection Group is Northern & Central Arizona's proven leader in obtaining the critical information you need to make the most accurate and profitable business decisions when it comes to multi-million dollar investments.

With over 25 years of experience in the drafting, planning, construction, management, and inspection of commercial and residential Real Estate properties, Legacy has the insider knowledge and experience to manage the most demanding multi-inspector property condition assessments in the industry. Please call us directly at (928) 853-6442, email us at, or contact us via our Commercial Inspection Website by clicking here.

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