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The Legacy Inspection Group was founded by a former Commercial & Residential Builder, Master Carpenter, and former Department of Energy Home Inspector.

The Legacy Difference

The Legacy Inspection Group is the first company in the state of Arizona to pioneer the use of 2 state-licensed inspectors on each inspection which allows us to comfortably handle any size of property with ease. By using two inspectors instead of one, we collect twice as much relevant information about each home with twice the accuracy when compared to any other company. Furthermore, by hiring a former residential & commercial builder to inspect your property, you can be assured you are in some of the most competent and experienced hands in the inspection industry.  

There's no comparison

The benefits of hiring a former builder as well as a 2 licensed inspector are endless. In fact, most people are surprised to learn that most home inspectors have little to no construction experience at all! For this reason, most local competitors base their inspection pricing on the added value and experience that they cannot offer to their clients. 

Don't fall for the sales gimmicks

The fact is, NOTHING is more expensive than hiring an inexperienced inspector at a discounted rate. For example, an inspector with little to no construction experience will always recommend their clients consult with licensed contractors to tell you what actually needs to be repaired or replaced. These contractors also must charge for their time since they are not guaranteed to get any of the work. Once you add up all the costs of using the cheapest inspector, the items they missed, the travel fees, fees for using a thermal imaging camera, and sales tax, you are typically spending more than double what the originally agreed on inspection fee was just to get an accurate picture of the home's condition. 

A common marketing technique for such inspectors is to set an incredibly low base price to seem cheaper and more desirable when in the end they are not either of those. They also rely heavily on the misconception that all inspectors are equally qualified and offer the same quality of service. Simply put, this marketing gimmick is intended to make comparing the same service at competing companies seem confusing and tedious.

Our Commitment to Our Clients:

Our goal is to provide the highest quality and unbiased service in the industry by inspecting each home or property as if it were for our own family from a former home builder's perspective. We specialize in providing the most accurate and detailed home inspections and Radon measurements. We are not a "one-stop shop" and do not sell you other companies' services (e.g., termite inspections, sewer scope, mold inspection) at a marked-up rate.

 As a former builder, we routinely elaborate on common repair methods in our reports and are happy to provide an opinion of probable repair costs to help our clients better understand the actual impact of our repair recommendations. 

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