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The Legacy Inspection Group was founded by a former Commercial & Residential Builder, Master Carpenter, and former Department of Energy Home Inspector.


The Legacy Group was the first company in the state to pioneer the use of 2 state-licensed inspectors on each inspection which allows us to comfortably handle any residential property with ease. 

Therefore, when comparing our service to other home inspection companies, it's imperative to understand the added benefit of hiring a former contractor as well as hiring 2 licensed inspectors at the same time. These critical details are what set us apart from all other companies in the state. For this reason, most local companies base their pricing on this added value that they cannot offer to their clients.


As you may also notice when comparing companies, many of our competitors have complicated fee structures for things such as thermal imaging, travel charges, and hidden fees such as sales tax added to your agreed-on price. After all these fees and taxes, many of their clients often wind up paying the same price or more. 


Our pricing is simply based on the size of the home. It includes the use of thermal imaging on all inspections, includes all sales tax, and even includes a second inspector. In our opinion, any home inspector that not employing the use of thermal imaging on every home is simply not inspecting each home properly. Hidden moisture and electrical issues are some of the most critical and well-hidden defects which are otherwise undetectable without the use of thermal imaging. 


Simply put, setting a low base price and confusing customers with additional fees for each add-on service is one of the oldest marketing gimmicks in the book. It makes comparing similar services confusing and tedious.


We inspect each home as if it were for our own family and from a contractor's perspective. Our commitment to our clients is simple, we want to provide the highest quality of service in the industry and use 2 licensed inspectors on each property because of the added value it brings our clients. We routinely elaborate on potential repair methods in our reports. We have even partnered with a company that will take your home inspection report and estimate all the recommended repairs. Such reports are available within 24 hours so no time is wasted bothering the sellers and scheduling contractors to get back into the home to provide you with the same repair estimates after you receive one of our reports. 

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