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Legacy Inspection Group





Northern Arizona's Most Trusted
Residential & Commercial Inspection company


Founded by a Commercial & Residential Builder, Master Carpenter, and former Department of Energy Home Inspector.

The Legacy Difference

The Legacy Inspection Group is the first company in the state of Arizona to pioneer the use of 2 state-licensed inspectors on each inspection which allows us to comfortably handle any size of property with ease. By using two inspectors instead of one, we collect twice as much relevant information about each home with twice the accuracy when compared to any other company. Furthermore, by hiring a former residential & commercial builder to inspect your property, you can be assured you are in some of the most competent and experienced hands in the inspection industry.  

There's no comparison

The benefits of hiring a former builder as well as 2 licensed inspectors are endless. In fact, most homebuyers are surprised to learn that most home inspectors have little to no construction experience at all! For this reason, most inspectors market their services based on having the lowest price, hoping that you'll assume all state-licensed inspectors are equally qualified. In fact, assuming that all inspectors ARE equally trained and certified is the single most costly mistake a homebuyer can make when choosing an inspector.  

Don't fall for gimmicks

A home inspector is an unbiased third party in a real estate transaction. As state-licensed "generalists" (home inspectors), our job is to describe the condition and functionality of each property and recommend consulting with a state-licensed "specialist" (contractor) whenever significant costs are recommended.   

Therefore, as you can imagine, less experienced inspectors will identify less conditions and recommend further evaluation to supplement their lack of knowledge and training. Contractors charge by the hour and these costs come directly out of your pocket costing you more than hiring an experienced inspector in the first place. 

Inexperienced inspectors set an incredibly low base price to seem cheaper and more desirable when in the end they are neither of those. This marketing gimmick is intended to make comparing the same service at all inspection companies confusing and tedious. Their reports are often vague and bring up more questions than answers.

Our Commitment to Our Clients:

Our goal is to provide the highest quality service in the industry! Simply put, we inspect each property as if it were for our own family utilizing more than two decades of industry experience. We are not a "one-stop shop" that tries to know a little about everything or sell you other companies' services (e.g., termite inspections, sewer scope inspections, mold inspections) at a marked-up rate. We do only one thing and we do it well!

 Additionally, as a former builder, we routinely elaborate on common repair methods in our inspection reports with example pictures of those recommendations. We are more than happy to verbally share our opinion of probable repair costs to help our clients better understand the real-world impact of the repairs we recommend in order to save you time and money.  

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