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Legacy Home Inspection applies 20years of Industry Leading Expertise to provide you with the most comprehensive Home Inspection report and experience possible! Founded by a former U.S. Dept. of Energy (DOE)Home Inspector and Foreman at one of the largest Residential & Commercial Construction Firms in Phoenix,  Bretton (owner), has personally built more homes than most inspectors see in a one-year period. 

Our reports are 2nd to none! Realtors often recommend us for this alone. Our Home Inspection Reports are designed to focus exclusively on items that are beyond normal home-owner maintenance and direct your attention to conditions that would require a contractors assistance. All reports begin with a "Summary Report" that draws your attention to the most important items in an easy to understand outline format. Given our extensive background, we can elaborate more as a specialist and locate conditions often left unnoticed by most inspectors. Additionally, we can offer our clients expert insight on your home's most needed repairs and approximate costs such as the remaining life-expectancy of building components / appliances, structural defects / repairs, design-flaws / corrections, as well as important upgrades that should be considered to preserve your investment.  Many report items include links to helpful YouTube videos that further elaborate on needed repairs. 

We don't shorten our Inspection Reports in order to provide you a report immediately following your inspection. Inspection Reports typically take multiple hours to customise and provide pertenent information and example pictures of corrections in order to remain useful long after your inspection. Reports are almost always emailed to clients within 24 hours (same evening in most cases). 

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Legacy Home Inspection
Legacy Home Inspection
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